Back in the old days, analog phones were the hip new thing and now every business has an analog phone system. The issue with these systems is they are monopolized by big cable companies and cost an average of $30-$50 a month per phone line. When scaled up, this becomes expensive very quickly!

We provide VOIP to our commercial customers as both a feature rich solution and an affordable alternative to traditional telephone lines. Our setup is a $300 fee per phone, which includes the installation and equipment.


  • $300 per phone one-time setup fee
    • VoIP Phone
    • Wiring and Installation
    • VoIP Server
  • $20 per phone monthly fee
    • Unlimited extensions
    • Forwarding
    • Do-No-Disturb
    • Voicemail (on phone and web based)

For more information on VoIP, check out the FCC explanation here.