network installation

Does Susy in Accounting have slow internet access? We can speed things up. Our tech specialists know the ins and outs of internet speed and privacy. We can troubleshoot what is wrong with an existing network and fix it or start a whole new one from scratch. You can choose to install Ubiquiti WiFi hot spots around your office which increases your existing WiFi’s speed and range. If starting a network from scratch, we will customize your  setup to best suit your needs. Different installation packages can include routers, modems, NAS, switches, hotspots, and the cords to connect them all. To keep your data safe, we can install VPNs and firewalls. If you think you are paying too much for your internet bill, we can do the stressful task of calling the internet company to attempt to get you a lower rate.

Network Pricing

  • Installation: $125/hour
  • IT Management: $75/hour