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Do you work in a traditional office work environment? Do you use landline phones as a means to contact, other businesses, clients, or co-workers? Chances are, you’re paying a third party company your hard earned dollars to do something that you don’t even need them for. If any of the above relates to you, then your solution to this dilemma could be VoIP!

What is VoIP?


VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) is a technology that was invented in the early 70’s, yet hadn’t been implemented until the early 80’s, and is now gaining more and more momentum annually. The way that VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) operates is by converting voice communication into data packets which are used for virtually all things internet, then sending those packets over an IP network to and from the caller and the receiver.

Now that you know how VoIP works, you can easily see how and why it has the capability to remove the third party and also save you money. Why pay for a phone bill and internet at the same time every month, when all you actually need is your internet? A simple switch could easily save you or your business, thousands over time. Switch to VoIP, eliminate the middle man, and see how your business phone bill vanishes every month; but the benefits don’t stop there.

Specifically with Sangoma brand VoIP phones, a strongly recommended choice of Cumberland County IT Solutions’, you are granted access to a software called PBXact stocked with a plethora of settings and extra features to configure your VoIP phone system exactly how you want it. One of the key features Sangoma VoIP phones provide is the Endpoint Manager. The Endpoint Manager is free with all Sangoma phones and Sangoma phones only, this means other VoIP phone companies such as Yealink, Digium, or Schmooze have to pay a one time fee of 145$ USD for access to Sangoma’s Endpoint Manager.

Endpoint Manager

Now you may be asking yourself, what does The Endpoint Manager do exactly? A better question would be what cant it do? With Endpoint Manager, you have full control over all of your VoIP phones customizable options whether you need to do something simple like assigning buttons or changing extension images displayed on screen, to adding actual extensions, setting up a paging system, the list goes on for quite some time but the important part is that all this is possible across the globe so long as internet access allows.


This makes it easier on both the VoIP phone administrator and the user to make changes to one or multiple phones at once which you would be spending going phone to phone repeating a painstakingly repetitive process to make uniform changes. The headache only gets worse when you add more phones to the equation, so we at Cumberland County IT Solutions urge you to save all parties involved the hassle and choose Sangoma to make the switch to VoIP. Because the sooner you start, the more you will save.

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