computer classes

Need to be “smarter” at computers? Sit down with us and we will teach you computer classes. Computer knowledge is vital today as technology evolves. They don’t teach you everything about computers in school, so we provide classes on what school doesn’t cover. Our computer geeks know it all and are effective at teaching what they know. These classes are beneficial for anyone. From beginners learning Microsoft Word to experts learning to code in Python, there is always something to learn at Cumberland County IT Solutions. Let us know what you would like to learn, and we will customize a course to fit your needs.


Computer Classes Pricing

  • Beginner: $35
  • Intermediate: $65
  • Advanced: $95

Employee Training Pricing

  • 1-Day Computing and Security Essentials: $200 (10 Students)
  • Microsoft Office Basics: $200 (10 Students)
  • Additional Classes by request